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Finally, all of the good stuff without the skunk smell!


An Enforcement Officer Using The Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer

Smelling IS Believing!

So you want to know how our product works? Well, here’s the deal…

The Earth is not made up of just nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. It’s made up of approximately 90 naturally occurring elements. Some exist in high quantities and some exist in small or trace quantities. Our formula takes this into consideration with over 20 different ingredients to provide a complete and balanced (and proprietary!) blend to help you achieve maximum results with minimal odor! Over 7 years of research has gone into our product development to find exactly  what ingredients are needed and in what proportions..and IT WORKS! Give it a try! If it doesn’t work – we’ll refund your money!


What some of our happy growers have to say…



The smell of marijuana has always made me nauseous which is ironic considering my doctor prescribed it to ease my nausea and help my appetite. The No Skunk product allows me to grow it without having to seal off my entire sunroom to hide the smell.

– Molly S., California

Pretty surprised at the test growth I did with this actually.  Virtually no smell while growing and drying! Tried this because the smell actually made my roommates upset so now everyone is happy.

– Colin, California

Bought this after having to move my grow inside when I got a ticket for violating HOA rules about smelly odors coming from my property.  This stuff really works and my plants are back outside in the dirt like they should be! Thanks!

– Bill H., Colorado

My “we were hippies so we can smell weed a mile away” parents have no idea I grow in the backyard – right behind some tall bushes…they never go outside anyway.  Before No Skunk they really would have smelled it – and so would their uptight neighbors! Ha!

– Allen O., Washington

Are you ready to experience low-odor growing?